Panel Details

We are providing following panels for Food Ordering Script:

Super Admininstrator Panel

Restaurant Owner Panel

Customer Panel


Order tracking

Re-order System

Search By Place, Search By Manu Item

Pre-order system

Multiple food from Multiple Restaurant in Single Order

Restaurant List

Location Tracking and bring Near by Restaurants

Custom Login & Order Tracking

Refund claim by Customer

User Friendly URLS

Order confirmation send via GPRS Printer, SMS, email and Push Notification

User frindly, secure Shopping Cart system

Order Receiving App Integrated for Restaurant Owner

User friendly Menu Builder for Restaurant Owner

Define Calories and ingredients of Food Items

Locate Restaurant on Google Map

Content Management System (CMS)


Customer Tracking

Restaurant Owner Tracking

Commission Tracking

Order Traking of Individual Restaurants

Content Management System (CMS)

General Setting Module

Membership Plan Module

Manage Cuisine Type

Email Template Creation