Food Ordering Script is a clone of Just-Eat, FoodPanda, Grubhub, Zomato, Eat 24hours and an online food ordering system suitable for restaurants, pubs and food delivery websites. Food Ordering Script Using PHP/MYSQL Source Code.

Features to Start Profitable Food Ordering Platform

Features to Make Your Online Food Ordering and Delivery Website Succeed
Online food ordering & delivery platforms are feeding people across the world, and making profits for themselves as well. As the world becomes all about convenience and having things delivered to the door with one click of a button. Dining out has been a favourite pastime for couples, families and friends for decades. Spending time around the table talking, eating and enjoying a bottle of wine can be the social highlight of someone's week. Yet in the last 20 years something has changed; people simply enjoy staying home.

With streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime proving so popular, people are becoming quite happy to stay indoors on a Friday night and many diners want their food to come to them. The advancement of technology has made life about convenience, and there is nothing more convenient than a cooked meal delivered to your door.
Business & revenue generation model of food ordering platforms
Online food ordering platforms like, and follow a simple business model. They act as a common platform between customers and restaurants. Registered users/visitors can search for nearby restaurants, place the order with their chosen restaurant, and pay for it online by Credit/Debit card or opt for COD (cash on delivery).

The delivery part is mostly handled by restaurant owner. However, this is not all you need to know for starting your online food ordering and delivery website. Below are some other critical points;
  • + Online Food Ordering systems partner with local restaurants that offer home delivery for customers.
  • + For every order placed through the website, the restaurant gives a pre-decided commission.
  • + Restaurants can also get featured on the website homepage for publicity.
Popular online food ordering & delivery brands
Swiggy or Deliveroo is not the only online food ordering & delivery platform. There are many others that take food delivery orders from hungry customers. Some of the most popular online food delivery brands are listed below;

Now, let's learn how you can launch clone of most popular food ordering startups, and make it as successful.
Launch & run a successful online food delivery system
Just buying a Swiggy or GrubHub clone will not establish you as the next big thing in the food ordering and delivery system. You need to take care of various technical and marketing aspects to make your website stand apart.

Keep the following points in mind while creating and marketing your food ordering portal:
  • 1. Invest in Stable, Flexibale and Robust built website and Apps
    If you feel that by buying a cheap clone script or plugin is enough to get started, then you are partially right. It will get you 'started'; but to succeed you need much more. Focus on building a unique identity and easy to custom product that can fulfill your needs. Give your food venture the advantage of custom design and programming. It is very important to start off with a feature rich, secure website so that people trust you.

  • 2. Search engine optimized and social media friendly platform
    SEO friendly architecture and database management system must be developed in such a way where your website is easy to read by search engines. They will act as a free source of constant traffic to your website. Adding social sharing button to your website will give you increased visibility. You can find such features by default in our Food Ordering Script (FOS). Our expert team of designers, programmers and SEO expert can deliver such a system.

  • 3. Target a smaller area and then expand
    It is always advisable to start your business with a focus on a limited area. This will help you:
    • - Focus all your energy on a particular market
    • - Build a stable brand name.
    • - Figure out issues and conveniently search for solutions.
    • - Check the cost for further expansion

  • 4. Customize according to local demands
    The success of an online food ordering system like and GrubHub depends on how well it caters to the needs of its locales. Following points will come into picture:
    • - Unique website design and SEO optimized platform.
    • - Database management and categorization also varies as per the local cuisine preferences. FOS team can do these for FREE. Payment options provided on your website must also comply with the preferences of the general public in your city. Choice between paying through credit cards, cash on delivery, eWallet, etc varies from city to city and country to country. It is possible that the restaurants in your target area do not have efficient internet connectivity. In this case you need an efficient sales team which ensures to enroll those merchants to your sytsem and provide service to them for uploading their menu items, restaurant information etc.

  • 5. Make the order placement procedure simpler

    People prefer to order online because of convenience. So, make the order placement and checkout process quick and easy. This is possibly only if your site has been created with usability in mind. All FoodPanda, JustEat or GrubHub clone will not have optimized user experience.

    Saving past orders, delivery addresses, partial payment details, and other relevant information in the dashboard is an efficient way to quicken the online order processing. Introduction of eWallets and make payment from their is a quicker payments option.

  • 6. Mobile friendly

    Your audience will want to access your website when on the move. Thus, having a mobile optimized/responsive website is very important to increase your reach. So getting a mobile friendly online food ordering platform is a must and here we are glad to inform you that our FOS is mobile optimized.

    Don't buy a cleap clone script first and think about customization later. Choose a product who can offer free customization in terms of designing and programming.

Now, let's learn how you can launch clone of most popular food ordering startups, and make it as successful.