What Makes a Great Food Ordering App

Whether you run a restaurant chain or provide meal delivery services only, building a food ordering app will give you a competitive advantage over rivals and help you improve customer experience.Learn from FOS Food Ordering Script upon how to evolve a profitable online food ordering and delivery website of your own. Discover what makes a great food ordering mobile app for restaurants and how much it will cost you to develop one.

  • Nice Ui/Ux Design:- With 90% of apps a user downloads being used only once, it is true to say that smartphone owners do judge the book by its cover. Starting with the icon, your app should have your brand written all over it.
  • Loyalty program features:- Recent studies show that 65% of customers will download a restaurant app when promised exclusive offers and deals; 80% of those will return to the restaurant to redeem the deals and loyalty points.
  • Social features:- These include ratings and customer reviews, as well as the options to refer the app to a friend, share it on social media and log in/sign up via a social media account.
  • Fast order placement:- Great food ordering apps employ reliable payment gateway solutions like Stripe, PayPal or PayU that allow customers to specify credit card data only once (the profile set-up stage), thus shortening their buying journey.​_