What Features Should The On Demand Food Delivery App Have?

The features and functionality makes the app what it is. To some extent the user experience is defined by the features of the on demand food delivery app. There are some essential features that every on demand food app should have. But then, there are also the exclusive features, which make your app different from the rest. The special qualities because of which people desire to use your app over and above the competition.

The app should include features such as:

  • Saves user preferences
  • Makes a list of favourite restaurants and food
  • Offers suggestions
  • Has an interactive UI
  • Easy to navigate and use – great UX
  • Categorises restaurants not just by the type of cuisine but by the menu items
  • Provides a quick service
  • Updates the user about their order status

It is integral for an on demand food delivery app to have good UI and UX. A user friendly app is popular with all age groups, and is especially in demand by those who are not tech savvy. It is essential to include some innovative features into your app, to encourage its popularity.