Online Food Ordering Application – Demo

Make a delightful site for your Restaurant/Hotel business. With our innovative Food Ordering Script (FOS), you can create a stunning Restaurant/Hotel Menu Ordering Application Website for your restaurants platform & helping feeding their hungry customers. FOS is a Modern & Easy Ordering System for taking online orders from your website. Everything you need to get more sales and offer a better customer experience with Multilingual Language, Coupons & Deals, etc.


Admin Details:

URL: https://www.go4fooddelivery.com/superadmin
USERNAME: admin@gmail.com
PASSWORD: go4foodadmin

Restaurant Owner Details:

URL: https://www.go4fooddelivery.com/restaurantadmin
USERNAME: restaurant_admin@gmail.com
PASSWORD: mypizzabar


Click here for more details http://www.foodorderingscript.com or call us at +91 4004 7596

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